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    Accessories & Final Fantasy & Trading Cards

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    Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy TCG 2018-2020 Annual Book (With Replacement Promos)

Out of Stock
$69.95 incl.Tax

Product Description

Introducing a new art book containing magnificent original illustrations created for the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME!

Includes all FFTCG original card illustrations from Opus IV through Opus XII: Crystal Awakening, as well as original promotional artwork created for FFTCG events!

Additionally, you can find a series of interviews held with a total of 12 illustrators, which garnered a very positive response when shown on the FINAL FANTASY PORTAL SITE, as well as the results of the 2018 and 2019 World Championships.

Also, as a bonus, the book comes with three copies of an exclusive promo card, “Clan Gully [PR-085]” featuring the main cast of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE 2. This card is special, as the art was originally created to promote FINAL FANTASY TCG events, and was illustrated by Final Fantasy series veteran, Ryoma Ito!

This collection contains approximately 100 pieces of beautifully illustrated art and celebrates the legacy of the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME thus far. Excellent for any FINAL FANTASY fan!

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Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 1.5 cm

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  • Categories

    Final Fantasy & Accessories & Final Fantasy & Trading Cards

  • Vendor

    Final Fantasy

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