Hi! My names Jason and I am the founder of Mighty Collectibles.

My passion for Pokémon Collectibles started as a child in primary school when it first Aired on Cheese TV at 7am back in 1998. I fell in love with Pokémon and begged my parents as often as I could to buy me more boosters. At school I traded with friends daily and grew my collection.

Throughout the years I have always loved Video Games, Board Games & Trading cards games. I even did a bachelor’s degree in video game design & animation.

Fast forward to 2020 I decided to start this store to bring the love and passion I have for these games to you all. I hope that you can all share the Joy of opening a booster with a friend of family member and feel the excitement of pulling that rare card you always wanted or playing a video/board game and enjoying a friendly competition.

Thank you for stopping buy & reading, hope to be of service to you!

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