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Terms and Conditions of Sale

First and foremost, we reserve the right to refuse service and sales to any individual, company or otherwise at our own discretion and we do not need to provide a reason for this if we do not wish to.


We do not provide refunds for “change of mind” circumstances after a purchase has been completed (payment made and order committed), including but not limited to refunds for orders placed (shipped or not), exchanges, incorrectly ordered items or items that are placed on sale after purchase.

We acknowledge that under Australian Consumer Law, we are required to provide a refund if our products are faulty, if they do not match the item displayed, do not match the item description we provide or if goods are damaged upon receipt. Any and all refund requests must include relevant evidence of the circumstances that occurred. Insufficient evidence provided will result in no refund.

Refund or missing item requests that are over 1 week old will not be refunded. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any issues and/or concerns are raised in a timely manner. We take all necessary steps to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner with appropriate evidence, such as tracking and order confirmation & receipts, we expect the same courtesy if an issue needs to be raised with us.

At our discretion, should an order be refunded, we will charge a cancellation fee and advise of this prior to actioning the request. 

Special Delivery Instructions

Any special requests, order requirements or delivery instructions are to be placed in the section provided in the order confirmation. If this is not available or another request is required, we may be able to accommodate this request prior to the order being fulfilled. 

This can be via Facebook @Mightycollectiblesau or email  

Bank Transfer Discount

We provide a 2% discount on the total order when checking out via bank transfer. To qualify for this discount, you must select payment via bank transfer on checkout, and use the code “BNKTRNSFR” to receive the discount. Any use of this code with any other payment gateway will not be honored until the remaining balance is settled. Payment receipt must be emailed, along with the order number. Order will be shipped once funds have cleared into our account.

The account details that the funds must be transferred into are located on the invoice, during checkout & Located below.

2023 Clearance Sale

We provide a 20% discount on all products excluding those in the Japanese Pokemon, Pokemon & Pre-Order category. To qualify for this discount, there is a minimum spend of $250. There will be no free shipping on orders when this discount code is used.

Order will be shipped once funds have cleared into our account.

Order Fulfillment & Postage / Shipping Times

All orders placed are expected to be packed and shipped, with fulfillment / order confirmation, within 7 working days of the order payment completion – however this is not always guaranteed. If there is an instance that we require additional time or cannot fulfill your order within a reasonable time frame, we will attempt to contact you directly using the information provided in your order. Please follow our Facebook page to find out if any delivery disruptions maybe affecting orders.

If we cannot contact you, we will either cancel the order completely or fulfill the order at the earliest possible convenience (e.g. within 1 week). 

Post will be ordered and sent by Australia Post by default in all instances unless communicated otherwise. Tracking will always be provided in your order confirmation for you to follow up on through the email notification of Order Completion, your account on the website and also via Australia Post (we submit your email to the system tracking).

In the instance that there’s extended delays, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Express Post

Express Post orders are subject to the above Order Fulfillment & Postage conditions. Express Post refers to the service offered by Australia Post and it’s associated costs.

If an order is urgent or if you need items by a specific date (for an event or otherwise) please contact us directly via the below to confirm this can be accommodated.

Facebook @mightycollectiblesau or email ​

Order Contact Details

Contact details in each and every order must be valid and real. We do not accept orders placed with fake email accounts and/or phone numbers. If you do not accept this condition, please do not place an order – we do often validate the details provided in each order. If an issue arises and the contact details are incorrect, we will be unable to contact you to resolve.

If an order is placed with incorrect details (error / typo etc) please contact us directly with your order details to ensure that all information is provided to you.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure contact details are updated and maintained through their accounts on the website, especially shipping addresses. If a shipping address is provided incorrectly and contact is not made before fulfillment to correct this, we do not take responsibility if the item is not received. Items are insured through the shipping providers but not for incorrect details.

Change of Address

In the instance that you may change your address during your order being processed, it is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of this change and organise for the shipping details to be updated. We highly recommend using the Australia Post change of address services, such as redirection or PO Box / Parcel Collect, during these times. 

We do not take responsibility for items sent to a previous address if we are not informed prior to the item being shipped. 

If an item is subject to post redirection, that is manually initiated after the item has already been sent, we do not take responsibility for what may take place. This will need to be resolved between the customer and Australia Post directly. 

Credit Card Payments

We do accept credit card payments, directly through our website and also through the PayPal checkout.
Where a credit card payment is made directly through the website for orders over $100 AUD, we may request additional validation of the purchase. This may include evidence of the card and photo ID to confirm name and address as well as confirmation of the card and name used on the card. This is an Anti-Fraud condition and if not agreeable to the customer, the order will be cancelled and refunded.

All Credit Card payments must be made and authorised by the named owner on the credit card or orders will be cancelled and refunded.

If you do not wish to provide this information when requested please choose another payment option.

Free Shipping – no longer available

Free Shipping is available for customers who opt to Live stream the pack openings on Facebook.

Pack openings live on Wednesday & Saturday 7pm AEST Via Facebook @Mighty Collectibles.

Hollos will be sleeved & All Rare Cards will be Top loaded.

International Shipping will not be included – Australian residents only.

Non TCG items will be shipped at buyers expense.

Further Information:
If there are any questions or concerns with any of the conditions in this section, please feel free to contact us directly by Facebook or email.

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