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Japanese Pokemon
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Japanese Pokémon Cards

If you want to embrace and celebrate the home of Pokémon with authentic Japanese Pokémon Cards, the team at Mighty Collectibles has you covered. We are proud to specialise in all things TCG, including not only English language but original Japanese Pokémon Cards for sale.

Whether you’re a native Japanese speaker, you’re learning the language, or you’re just a Pokémon Master who wants to add to their collection, the Mighty Collectibles range is a great place to start!

Explore our Japanese Pokémon Cards now!

Buy Rare Japanese Pokémon Cards

The exciting thing about Pokémon Cards is that you never know what you’re going to get in a pack. When you buy Japanese Pokémon Cards, this excitement goes to the next level because you’re opening cards that aren’t as easy to get in Australia!

Will you draw a shiny Charizard VMAX (known in Japan as リザードン or Lizardon), a Legendary Pokémon, or one of the many other common and rare Japanese Pokémon Cards there are to collect?

If you are looking for specific rare Japanese Pokémon Cards, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help you!

Secure Your Japanese Pokémon Booster Box through Mighty Collectibles

Featuring 30 booster packs and more than 100 cards, a Japanese Pokémon Booster Box is the easiest and most exciting way to collect Japanese Pokémon Cards! The Mighty Collectibles Range of Japanese Booster Boxes includes the Eevee Heroes Booster Box, the Silver Lance Booster Box, the Dark Order Booster Box, and the Matchless Fighter Booster Box.

All the Japanese Pokémon Booster Boxes in our range feature genuine Japanese Pokémon cards, with a chance for rare cards in every pack you open!

The Home of Japanese Pokémon Cards for Sale in Australia

When you’re looking to buy Japanese Pokémon Cards in Australia, Mighty Collectibles is proud to be the place to go. We are passionate about all things Pokémon and trading card games, and we love bringing you cards from the birthplace of Pokémon itself! If you can’t get to a Pokémon Centre in Japan, the Mighty Collectibles online store is the next best place to go for Japanese Pokémon Cards for sale.

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