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Party Games

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Party Board Games

When you think of board games, do you picture a raging party or a drawn-out snooze fest? At Mighty Collectibles, we know that board games aren’t for everyone, but we guarantee that our party board games will bring your next event to life.

We stock a wide range of drinking board games and party board games that will bring your guests together for an evening of endless entertainment, stitch-inducing laughter, and occasional betrayal.

Get creative with games like Drawing Without Dignity, which is definitely not the game of Pictionary your Grandma knows and loves!

If you have friends that consider themselves philosophers, give them a board game that brings the trolley problem to life! Trial by Trolley can be gruesome and hilarious, and it is sure to be filled with sabotage, friendly arguments, and more twists and turns than a trolley’s treacherous track.

Those are just a few of the party board games available from Mighty Collectibles, so be sure to explore our full range for an evening of unforgettable fun! 

Drinking Board Games

A night of the best party board games wouldn’t be complete without giving our drinking board games a shot (or several shots!)

Give Cooked Aussies a try and watch all your friends slowly and hilariously descend into a pack of drunken drongos! If you prefer variety on your cocktail menu, the Trunk of Drunk combines eight great drinking games in one box, including classics like I Have Never and King’s Cup!

Mighty Collectibles sells all the best drinking board games in Australia, so sift through our range to get started with a boozy night of fun.

Create a Night to Remember with the Best Party Board Games in Australia!

Whether you’re after adult board games like the hilarious Bad People, the chaotic fun of Don’t Get Got, or the unfiltered Australianism of Boganology, We have all the best party board games for you.

Shop online now to buy the best party board games and drinking board games in Australia!

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