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Pre-Order Policy

At Mighty Collectibles we allow our customers to pre order items so that on release they will have them as early as possible.

Please review all conditions of sale below before proceeding with placing a pre-order.​

Please note the release date provided is just an estimate, it can occasionally be further delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as shipping delays and supplier shortages.

Please note that stock of pre orders can rarely be impacted due to unforeseen circumstances such as shipping delays and supplier shortages. If an order is ever impacted by a shortage of stock Mighty Collectibles will inform the customer and provide a full refund ( Minus fees ) or the option to hold the pre order until additional stock is delivered.

Amendment Cut Off

So that we are able to get your TCG products into your hands as close to the release date as possible orders are packed and sent prior to the official release date and as such may not be able to be altered if the request is made past the cut-off times listed below.

These cut-off times apply to requests to

The cut-off times for changes to TCG Pre-orders are as follows

7 Days From Product Release Date

Please refer to the individual listing of the product that you wish to purchase for the product release date.

Should you be interested in purchasing a product through us that we do not currently have in stock, please contact us directly using our email, Facebook or Instagram handles (located at the bottom of the page)

For more information about pre ordering a product with Mighty Collectibles please contact our customer service team Info@mightycollectiblesadmin

Allocations & Stock Guarantees

Whilst we endeavor to fulfill each and every order in its entirety, we can not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill orders on high demand products. Sometimes its beyond our control and suppliers cut back stock to spread the amount given to us retailers. This can usually happen due to unforeseen demand in a product vs how many have been ordered. We will fulfill orders based on 1st in 1st served. In the event that we cannot fulfill your order, we will refund the full amount, including any merchant fees.

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